Art is smart,
for the beating heart







Yoke or Joke?


When life is a burden,

and a heavy yoke,


it can be eased for certain,

with a little joke.





To bumble-bee or to humble-bee?


To bumble-bee

or to humble-bee?


That is the question,

for you and me.



did not appear,
for you to eat,

apple or pear.


Turn the fruit nectar, and all your money,
into wisdom, and beautiful honey.


Better to become humble,

without a mumble,
than to tumble,

like a bumble.





Art is smart


Art is smart,

for the beating heart.


Art is re-start,

for the mind that depart.


Art is challenge,

when you seek not to avenge.


Art feels great,

when you lose weight.


Art is fun,

when you make a pun.





Pun is Fun


Pun is Fun,


but sometimes it leaves things undone.


Like the accountant who wrote,

on a single note:


"Two plus three plus four plus seven,
to add things is to be in Heaven."


He wasnít philosophic,

in his topic,


but he had great fun,

with his pun.






Less hair, more air


Less hair, more air.


You would think better,

and have more flair.


Unless you are a woman,

full of fear,


losing your hair,

would lead to despair.






Yolk or Joke?


Picture the egg with shell, white and yolk.


The artist must touch the inner yolk,

otherwise his speech becomes a joke.


If the artist speaks from the outer shell, 

his message becomes stiff like pure hell.


You can't touch people's hearts,  

by speaking from the level of sharks.


Move from the shell, through the white to the yolk,

and your message will not become a joke.






Pun is Fun



The following puns

are by Benjamin Kurzweil.


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One of the fathers of the vision of a unified Europe, Jean Monnet (1888-1979), a French political economist and diplomat, said at the end of his life:


If I had to do it all over again, I would first begin with culture, not economics, as the basis of European integration.


(Jean Monnet is regarded by many as the chief architect of European Unity - one of its founding fathers.)




Pun is Fun

Art is smart