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Short stories in PDF text & MP3 audio 

KurzweilStories offers short stories in downloadable PDF text and MP3 audio files, all of which are read by Benjamin Kurzweil with and without music bed and sound effects, giving an enriched storytelling experience. Suitable for schools, universities, educational institutions.



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                             The Princess and the Pea - the Queen preparing the bed for the Princess


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The Ugly Duckling


Andersen wrote the first word to this fable in August 1842, “The Cygnet”. It took over a year until “The Cygnet” had reached the form Andersen liked; exactly in October 1843 where he wrote, “I finally finished the tale of the young swan,” and then he changed the title to “The Ugly Duckling”.


The fable was published the following month, 11th of November 1843.


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Why Kurzweil Stories?


You might be surprised when I say that there is no unabridged up-to-date Hans Christian Andersen translation on the English market on CD or MP3 digital download.


Most, if not all recorded Hans Christian Andersen translations in English are abridged, and on top of that, they are based on either poor translations or not even translations, but fabricated "translations" pretending they are true translations from the original Danish.


But at Kurzweil Stories the intention is to give you the authentic H.C. Andersen. Suitable for schools, universities, educational institutions.


That's what makes Kurzweil Stories so unique.


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The short stories on the audiobook "Mankind, Kind man - and other short stories" are written by Benjamin Kurzweil and some are by Hans Christian Andersen, unabridged version, 

translated from the original Danish in 2008.








The stories are meant to be heard, not read.


It would be like reading the words of a song,


without listening to them being sung.


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I am very impressed with Benjamin Kurzweil's translation of Hans Christian Andersen's tales.


The English version translated by Benjamin Kurzweil was perfect.


From a translation point of view, I would never be able to tell that these were translations of Danish masterpieces - this is a golden rule of translations.


- Project Director  

  Naseem Jeewa.

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