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Senior librarian Natalie Harmer from the Adult Library Services, London Borough of Barnet libraries.

Monday 30th November 2009.


Review of KurzweilStories: Mankind, Kind man - and other short stories


Not having children of my own, and being classed as a ‘grown up’, it’s been rather a long time since I’ve listened to anyone read a fairy tale, but I must admit I rather enjoyed the experience.


My favourite tale as a child was ‘The Princess and the Pea’ and Benjamin’s translation was delightful to listen to.  I was soon curled up on the sofa indulging in the joy of being read to, and found his style very relaxing.  His voice has a rich velvety quality that transports you into the story, and his accent added to the authenticity of the tales.


I was intrigued to listen to one of Benjamin’s own stories and choose ‘The Apple does not fall far’.  I felt the story was in keeping with Andersen’s, and it is clear the influence that Andersen’s stories have had on Benjamin’s own storytelling technique.


Some of the stories are quite powerful, and for younger children who are used to the Disneyfied versions they may not be suitable. But for older children, young and old adults I would recommend making time to listen to this interpretation of some truly great fairy tales. 


Reviewed by Senior Librarian Natalie Harmer,, UK



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