The Emperor's New Clothes - Original illustration by Vilhelm Pedersen


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Short stories with and without music bed

and sound effects.


Giving you an enriched storytelling experience.







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Printed in The JC July 17, 2009.


"Children love to be read a fairy tale. And most adults love to read them to the kids. But when you have lost your voice, or inclination, there is Benjamin Kurzweil. His CD, Kurzweil Stories, features the Danish storyteller interspersing his own tales with those of his more famous compatriot, Hans Christian Anderson. Kurzweil comes off surprisingly well in the comparison but they may not appeal to very young children."


Reviewed by Angela Kiverstein,, London.










"...I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the CD..."

- Publications Assist

Steve Partridge















Benjamin Kurzweil - Mankind, Kind Man - and Other Short Stories











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"I was surprised how suitable the stories were for grown-ups as well as for children. Not being a Danish speaker I had never read the original stories and therefore was never aware of this fact."


- Project Director Naseem Jeewa




Yoke or Joke?


When life is a burden,

and a heavy yoke,


it can be eased for certain,

with a little joke.